Did You Know? 8-bit Poop Is Real And This Australian Cutie Makes It

3 min readDec 9, 2020
Artwork by Incrediville

Wombats are the one and only animal on this planet that can produce 8-bit poop. We’re not even talking about Minecraft here. Then how the f*ck did that happen? Do they have a square-shaped butthole? Researchers have been dying to find out.

Luckily, studies have shed light on how cubic poop was made. Patricia Yang, a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology specializing in bodily fluids, has an answer. “At first, I thought they maybe have square anus, or maybe [the cube] forms right around the stomach,” she said.

Long story short, the key was how the wombat intestines’ stretched. As food is digested, pressure from the intestine helps sculpt the feces — wombats have a tiny Michelangelo inside their bellies. Wombats are also not a big fan of drinking water, making poop dry and hard, so its shape won’t change once dropping out of the anus.

What’s the big deal of cubic poop? While wombats do use their shi*t to mark territory, “it’s not like they’re trying to build little brick pyramids,” one researcher says. “They just poop where they poop.” Wombats are almost blind. They just can’t see very well, which makes them rely on their smell more. They would pile up around 100 cubes a day to build a fort, and voila. Everyone’s ready for a poopball fight.

These guys apparently had too much beets and strawberry jello.

Honestly, it took us a little bit more time to figure out how exactly 8-bit poop was made. The digestive system and the intestines, yuck. That being said, please take a grain of salt when you’re reading this piece.

In general, this may seem like an irrelevant finding, but if you think about it, it kinda shed light on how we manufacture goods? Besides casting and cutting, the only other way to make cubic forms is through… wombats. Last but not least, all of these intriguing findings were done by Patricia J. Yang. She was the expert who published “Law of Urination: all mammals empty their bladders over the same duration” (it’s 21 seconds, in case you were wondering) Not sure if anyone else can see through shit farther than she did already.




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