Did You Know? Animals Went To Court In The Middle Ages

See you in court you filthy animal. 🐽

Way back in the days, animals could face a legal trial just like humans. It’s not a joke at all. Everything needs to be followed under the legal protocol. Animals were also required to hire their own attorneys. Sh*t was real.

This might be the dawn of law and order. But if we think again, it’s just ridiculous. It’s like watching an animal reality show. 🙉 Sure, we can let some cases get by — such as a man-biting dog or a hostile horse — but others are just wacky.

Those are cases such as a weevil that destroyed a vineyard; a man that was mistaken as a wolverine; a noisy sparrow at church; or just a rooster that laid an egg. 🤷

Among all animals, pigs were the unpopular kid back then. People just enjoyed criminalizing pigs. Once, it was said there were pigs huddling around a murder scene. The court ruled the pigs as culprits and sentenced them to a death trial. WTH?

It’s utterly ridiculous to imagine such scenarios nowadays. We all know that humans and animals are essentially different. But on the other hand, to treat animals like humans is something we nearly tossed out the window.

Just think about it. Would you be able to program yourself next time you see those roaches and say “I will sue the *** out of you”, or “You better get a lawyer right now.”




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