Did You Know Dragonflies Play Dead To Avoid Sexual Harassment?

2 min readMay 3, 2021


Artwork by Incrediville

“Locker room behavior in the office is called sexual harassment.”⁠
🎨 by @incrediville

Common hawkers are a type of dragonfly that owns the game of playing dead.⁠

When being harassed by males, female dragonflies can fake their death by suddenly crashing to the ground. They’d be willing to hit the ground if they could avoid all the jerks out there. After the male dragonflies are left shocked and eventually flew away, females would just come back to life with full HP. Like nothing happened.⁠

It’s not the first time I’ve learned that bugs can be so violent. Spiders eat their partners, and male bees explode after business is done in #Fact110, right? But I think common hawkers are the most extreme — play dead to say no?⁠

However, they don’t always get away with it. Studies have shown that within a sample of 27 common hawkers, 6 of them still got harassed. The guys were probably into some weird stuff.⁠

Look at the eyes.





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