Did You Know? Garlic Literally Saved Lives

Artwork by Incrediville

A garlic a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is cute, nvm. 😉

It’s already common knowledge that garlic has multiple health benefits. What you probably don’t know yet is that almost every civilization on earth had taken garlic as a medicine.

Garlic was already seen as legit medication back in the Sumerian Civilization and ancient Egypt. No matter if it’s Greek athletes, Roman warriors, or even pyramid-builders, they all munched on some garlic before prime-time. Garlic was the old Redbull. 🧄🥤

In other places such as China, India, or Middle Age Europe, garlic was even used for treating tooth-cavity pain and constipation caused by tapeworms. From minor sicknesses to common diseases, people would just have garlic to fix everything. Garlic was GOD.

Clinical research has also proven that garlic contains antioxidants that support the body’s protective mechanisms against oxidative damage; treats bronchitis, hypertension (high blood pressure), TB (tuberculosis), liver disorders, dysentery, flatulence, colic, intestinal worms, rheumatism, diabetes, and fevers. You know, all the bad sh*t, garlic would fix it.

Every time I hear that someone tries to avoid garlic in their life, it makes me feel bad for them. Dude, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. No matter how stinky it is for you it will save your ass!

Fact is, it’s far more complicated than you imagine to prove any therapeutic value. Typically, it takes a huge amount of time and effort for a medication to be approved by the FDA before anything.

The sources we’ve looked into this time provide a broader view on the health benefits of garlic in general. There’s no doubt that garlic is an awesome clinical medication, but most research backing it has flaws — lacking samples, ambiguous dose units, missing placebos, etc. There is a lot of room to improve the legitimacy of garlic powers.

On the other hand, the reason why modern medicine has advanced has a lot to do with intricate experiment designs. Only after numerous trials and errors can we finally get a glimpse of what result is reliable.

What does that mean to ordinary peasants like us? Question everything. Especially as a consumer. Every line of sales should be backed with science.


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