Did You Know? Hot Scientists Are Wacky

2 min readMar 6, 2021
Artwork by Incrediville

Everyone on The Big Bang Theory cast shares this, expect for Penny.

Hot damn! One research recruited 200 scientists to find out how appearances would influence their credibility. 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬Scientists themselves, wanted to find out if they could be hot and convincing at the same time. There were 200 headshots of scientists in the experiment, where volunteers were asked to mark scores 💯of attractiveness and professionalism based on those images. Lastly, the volunteers were asked: “Do you think this person could be a good scientist?” 🤔

It turned out there’s a reason why Penny wasn’t a nerd in the series. The results showed that for the majority of people, a seemingly outgoing or hotter scientist is just not legit. People don’t believe in good-looking scientists! 😂

Hedy Lamarr — the ‘bombshell’ actress 💃from the ’40s who helped invent our favorite nowadays technology — WIFI. Can we just take a minute to look at this beauty? (Credit: The Guardian)

Even though we tend to believe that “geeky scientists are the real deal,” but we gotta admit that good-looking people are just attractive. And because they’re gorgeous, it’s just more likely that we’d be interested in what they’re up to.
Studies have shown that hot scientists’ videos have an extra 60% of views than their okay-looking colleagues. Well, let’s just say at least they’re helping to spread the knowledge?





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