Did You Know Killer Whales Are The Hippies Of The Sea?

3 min readMay 8, 2021


Artwork by Incrediville

What do you call a group of killer whales playing violins?⁠
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Willy and Tilly (Tilikum), aka killer whales, aka orcas, are actually a lot less dangerous than it suggests. In fact, THEY are the ones endangered. Plus, in the wild, there have been ZERO fatal attacks on humans.⁠

But it’s a different story when you throw them in tourist attractions and force them to be your clown.⁠

In captivity, there have been several killer whale accidents since the 70s. While scientists have always been curious about why giant orcas tend to be friendly towards humans, captive whales have raised security concerns.⁠

Seaworld’s favorite killer whale star, Tilikum (Tilly), passed away on January 6, 2020, in Orlando, Florida. Following Tilly’s death, the world is phasing out killer whales in response to their freedom.⁠

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Blackfish is arguably the most controversial documentary behind orca rights.

There have been disputes since its release in 2013. Seaworld, the attraction where everything happened, is pissed off by this film. Their main argument is that the film lacks legitimate evidence. We’d thought we’d put it out there so everybody can learn about different opinions.

First of all, there are no superiors from the aquarium world appearing in the film. Second, Seaworld denies they’ve applied any harmful training in any form. Lastly, they argue that accidents have nothing to do with orcas’ mental health. Instead, they suggest animals are just dumb and might be intrigued by a random ponytail, which is how an accident took place.

Practically speaking, captive whales requires great care. You can’t just put someone in a bathtub for life. In other words, human-trained whales don’t really have the ability to survive out in the wild even if officials let them go. What really needs to be discussed is how we are keeping animals in cages for our own entertainment. Is it really necessary?⁠





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