Did You Know? Salmon Are The Sexiest Mountain Movers.

3 min readJan 6, 2021
Artwork by Incrediville

I feel the earth move, under my fin. 🐟

We’ve all heard the story of #salmon hopping up the stream right? Nah, you never really got the full version. Salmon moms try to dig a nest in the riverbed and lay all their eggs in there. Then they wait. One lucky horny salmon dude will come over and release sperm for the eggs. Everything happens outside the bodies, in the riverbed. Kinky. 😳

When the eggs fertilize, it’s time for the dad to step on his journey for the upper course. He will return to his exact birthplace, dig another nest, and pick back a rock to cover his newborns. We know it doesn’t seem like anything changed from moving tiny rocks. But there seems to be a butterfly effect happening in the riverbeds. The salmon changed #sedimentation. ⛰️ The shift in sedimentation changed how fast the water erodes the riverbed.

Places where salmon have been seen active, have faster activity in #geographic change. The hills are steeper, and rivers slightly change in shape. We have to give credit to the fish that’s been moving earth. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to tell the full story. Salmon didn’t just swim up against the currents. No. They made beautiful scenery and became the most colorful sashimi on your plate. 🍣 Talk about #UNSELFISH. The only fish you should know.

Salmons are so romantic. We’d never be able to compare. Do you know how scientists praise them? The research that has been done is titled “Sex That Moves Mountains.” #CarolKing would’ve never thought it was salmon under her feet this whole time.

We ain’t lying. The study that backs this story is literally called “Sex that moves mountains: The influence of spawning fish on river profiles over geologic timescales”. Look at these scientists getting their heads too far, but humourous. By the way, salmon actually die soon after they lay eggs. If you think about it, it sounds like one of those chick-flick movie-material. It’s intense.

Just moving this rock right here.





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