Did You Know? Size Is The Only Thing That Matters During Winter.

2 min readJan 6, 2021


Artwork by Incrediville

It’s not just the guys who can’t find their junk when winter comes.

It happens, and we all know it. #Shrews have the same problem. Animal experts discovered that shrews’ vital organs #shrink at the turning of winter. Even the brain becomes 20% smaller than it was in warmer seasons. They’ll just have to wait when the birds start chirping again till they regain some knowledge.

But how does that make sense? How does an animal survival instinct even rule out the brain? It all comes down to #Hibernation. #NowThatsIncrediville. Winter is when food becomes scarce. And it can’t make more sense to save energy by shrinking the brain to save more calories. It actually makes more sense since there’s not much to do during winter. When in summer, #GuysGottaBang and #GirlsGottaEat! Might as well take a winter break.

Besides, shrinking to a point where it’s no longer alluring to predators helps big time. When shrews are nothing but bones, they probably don’t even need to worry about being hunted down. On the other hand, if you’ve been #hibernating and got well fed, there’s no excuse for you to not bring your brain with you out and about.

We’re blind, don’t judge.

Remember the tiny gangster in Zootopia? That’s a shrew. We honestly didn’t even find out shrews being to the Eulipotyphla (a.k.a truly fat and blind) family. You can also call them mammals, which means they’re closer relatives to moles and porcupines than rats are.

In case you’re questioning, yes they’re pretty blind. So shrew moms kinda developed this little “train” so everyone can stay together in line. Watch video below.





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