Did You Know? Sun Showers Forecast Animals Weddings.

Artwork by Incrediville

Rain on a wedding day means good luck you guys.

Sun showers are just lovely. It’s probably the best forecast for a rainbow in your eyes. But strangely, it tries to imply more than colors in different cultures around the world.

More often than not, sun showers are an indicator of animal weddings. This is somewhat true in countries such as Japan, where the weather paradox means a fox is getting married. Same story in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and some parts of India.

Other versions are:

🇫🇷: Wolves getting married.

🇰🇪: It’s the monkey’s turn in Kenya.

🇰�: A female fox is getting married to a tiger. (?)

🇸🇩: Apparently, donkeys and monkeys are a thing in Sudan?

🇧🇬: Nothing weird in Bulgaria, just bears putting a ring on it.

As for the reason why such myths are so widespread and why they’re mostly mammals, scientists don’t have a clue, yet. But we do have an exception — in Greece, a sun shower leads to a saying that poor people are getting married. Now that is some bullsh*t.

Expanding on our duties as a global citizen here. Let’s not leave out the other related myths around the world. So marriage isn’t that big of a deal in some countries, instead, it’s about birthdays.

🇫🇮: It’s the fox’s birthday!

🇮🇷: Happy birthday big bad wolves!

🇬🇧: Eat some cake you monkey.

While in other countries, it’s just not so pretty anymore. Sun showers often are associated with devils. For example, in the Philippines, it stands for a devil’s wedding, whereas in Puerto Rico it’s the wedding for witches. (I wonder if the Greek was thinking the same…)

Meanwhile in the Philippines.

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