Did You Know That Dolphin Boy Bands Sing “N’sync” For The Single Ladies?

2 min readMay 13, 2021
Artwork by Incrediville

Boy bands are still standing strong under the sea.⁠

Bottlenose dolphins are arguably the BTS of the sea world. They dance, they sing, they know how to allure the groupies. In fact, they’re so confident about their charm that they will flash-dance in front of female dolphins and ask them to be their girlfriend.

Going solo isn’t a dolphin thing. They go in groups with their bros. In other words, they know how to sound like Boyz II Men if they wanted to. The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, you name it. I told you dolphins have a higher IQ.

Plus, male bottlenose dolphins average a lifespan of 40 years. And they are m’fckin loyal to their boys, music and are expert romantics. Once a dolphin band is formed, it would last for around 20 years and not change members. Who’s switching their spirit animal to dolphins now?

The bottom line is, we’ve always assumed animals were born to compete. Especially when it comes to picking that special someone, researchers assumed males would fight each other off until one survives.

However, dolphins have shown us that they’re smart enough not to let anyone hurt. And instead, they’d happily work together to go after the same girl? (Wait I’m so confused)

We went down the rabbit hole of singing dolphins, and this is the best video by far. Enjoy.





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