Did You Know That One Drink Makes You Look Hotter?

2 min readMay 19, 2021
Artwork by Incrediville

If you drink enough, your brain starts photoshopping people for you.⁠
🎨 by @incrediville

Filters are overrated. The only thing you need to make yourself instantly hotter is alcohol.

The term beer goggles refers to when we find people more attractive after a couple of drinks. Particularly one drink. After two drinks, you’re starting to make a fool of yourself.

An older study from 2003 recruited 80 straight college kids to a bar, had some of them gulp down some beers, and let them look at pictures of the opposite sex. It turned out that the drunk kids gave out higher scores for the boys and girls.

The sober ones were not having it. Because let’s face it, we don’t all have faces of Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift. But alcohol has the magic to make everyone around us look like the next Ryan Gosling or Ariana Grande. As long as you’re intoxicated, you’re going to see all the pretty faces.⁠

Cheers to you.

Further research has also found out that faces are just the most obvious targets. Alcohol even changes how we see the background we’re in. That being said, even if you were in a rusty warehouse that night, alcohol creates an illusion to make you think you’re in a rom-com.

A further note also points out that alcohol just makes people entitled. (For a moment at least)

Research has let drunk and sober speakers go on stage to give speeches in turns and grade each other. The results showed that drunks absolutely fell in love with their own speeches regardless of whatever BS they said.

The takeaway is, however, alcohol might help you relax but also make you go crazy very easily. Drink responsibly, everyone.





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