Did You Know That Ovulation Makes You More Attracted To Players And F**kboys?

Artwork by Incrediville

Why the heck did I fall for that jerk?⁠⁠

🧪 As it may seem like a mystery to solve, science is actually here to help explain when it comes to love. I meant ovulation; did I say science?⁠

🩸 Studies have shown that women tend to care more about men’s superior genetic features around three days before and after ovulation. Those features include fitness, asymmetrical facial features (aka hot), or a muscular body build (John Cena?). After the egg drops, these features don’t seem so important all of a sudden. ⁠

🧠 The shift is due to the manipulation by our dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (or DLPFC). Just remember, this tiny part of our brains is behind this matchmaking process and decides which features are hot or hotter. ⁠

😍 Researchers suggest that during ovulation, women just DGAF about DLPFC. That is to say: “the hotter, the better, just bring up the cute guys, please,” is what the brain is telling. This is where the jerks, players, and fuckboys come in. If they got the looks, they’re already invited by brain.⁠

📆 Now you know the brain trick. Either keep falling for the wrong guy, or check your dates. #OvulationMatters

When my cramps take over my life.

However, we do need to stress out that finding that special someone is actually a very complex decision for anyone. There are too many factors that we need to consider before singling out a mechanism for it.

For this story, we’re focusing on how ovulation influences decision-making. There are plenty of other factors such as physical differences, living environments, and cultural contexts that need to be kept in mind.

The bottom line is, everyone has their unique way of thinking. Always take a grain of salt with the help of scientific explanations. We don’t want to be biased people here. The point is to respect each others’ differences in partner choice or whatever decisions.

Side note — the theory of “ovulation influence” has been around for a while. However, a new study with a staggering 26,000 female sample has revealed that ovulation might not matter that much. Well, I’m not a scientist. I’m just trying my best to put smart words in a dumb way for easier understanding.


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