Did You Know? These Wasps Can Enslave Roaches

2 min readNov 7, 2020


Artwork by Incrediville

You sweet sticky thing. 🍯

The emerald cockroach wasp, aka jewel wasp, is notorious for their hunting strategies. Unlike most wasps poisoning their prey, the jewel wasps can mesmerize cockroaches. They f*ck with their brains. 😈

Cockroaches don’t even care to move after they’re knocked out straight at the head. Once they’re stung, all that’s left is dopamine explosion. It’s that sweet thing that makes animals go coocoo.

Of course, we will never be able to know how high roaches get. But we can’t help imagining them surrounded by honey in the air. We’re pretty sure they’ve lost the ability to fight back or even be afraid. They’re just being dragged back to the wasp nests in their pretty dreams. 🎠

How it all goes down.

Strangely, when roaches are busy in this love-like illusion, they even start to clean themselves up! Experts aren’t sure why the nastiest bugs would care about hygiene. But hey, maybe true love can even change the dirtiest bugs’ minds.

Having this bug is almost too good to be true. Who needs pesticides when you have jewel wasps? But if you think again, it’s actually kind of scary.

There’s no problem with being nailed down in the bug’s world. But we can’t help thinking if this could be a metaphor for our modern lifestyle. Are some of us mesmerized in illusions so deep that we gave up fighting back?

Honestly, these bugs are too pretty to be called a bee or wasp. That’s why we tweaked it a bit up there.

Also, for those who were thinking to keep them as cockroach killers at home. DON’T do it. Check out some videos online and you’d realize they are annoying as f*ck flying around. We’re not sure which situation would be worse… Army of wasps? Or troops of roaches?




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