Did You Know? We’re Hardwired To Love Bad News

Artwork by Incrediville

JUST IN: Global COVID cases reach new high, the nuclear war is here, and we just lost the polar bears. 🚑

Negativity seems to dominate our daily lives. Bad days are normal, the planet is doomed, and the bad guys can destroy the world with a snap. It applies to everyone. It’s always obvious. You can be a legendary Kobe Bryant but some people will still dig out your scandals. You feel it?

Some psychology for you today. All of this silly thinking is called negativity bias. Yup, your brain is f*cking with you. It’s making you believe the tiniest bad thing is forecasting Armageddon. ☄️ But why do we make such a big deal out of bad news? Misfortunes often mean danger. And how do we respond to danger? We want to get rid of it before anything. That’s why whenever bad things happen we freak out. We want it GONE. NOW.

Pessimists aren’t guilty. We all worry about miseries. But we can also use this to our advantage. Try to put some negativity in the frame next time when you want someone to pay attention to you. Or do it when you’re making a first impression. You know, mess around with people’s memories.

That’s probably also why haters are always onto something. And they know it so they can be under the spotlight. We want to see people get embarrassed, humiliated. We want them roasted. It just leaves a deeper impression. Be Your Favorite Disney villain.



Illustrating science since 2017 from Taipei. We serve fast food for the thought in this town. (っ◔◡◔)っ This is where we keep our fact sources and art.

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