Did You Know? You Love Yourself Too Much If You’re Self-blaming All The Time

Let’s face it, egomaniacs can be very annoying. We all got that one friend who’s always falling in love with themselves. Meanwhile, we should also agree that there are different types of narcissism. Besides the most common “grandiose narcissism” that’s notoriously obnoxious, there’s also “vulnerable narcissism.”

You could already tell that one is more arrogant, entitled, and easily envious of others. Whereas the other is more sensitive, anxious, and even defensive. The vulnerable type is often neglected because we don’t associate such characters with a total jerk. That helps us assume there’s a distinction between the two. The grandiose type obviously makes a scene out of everything while the vulnerable can be oppressing a sh*t ton of emotions. However, what narcissists have in common is the need for entitlement, lack of empathy, and exploitive behavior.

Nobody wants to deal with d*ckheads all the time but vulnerable narcissists are a pain in the ass when it comes to workplaces. Blinded by a self-centered mindset, it’s easy for them to fall into a cycle of criticizing themselves without straightening the facts. This can cause conflicts among co-workers and also a fragile heart to accept setbacks and hardships.

It can be a real pain to fall into such bias. Vulnerable narcissists mistake self-blaming as reflecting, making it harder to improve, or even fix the smallest problems they meet. Narcissist or not, what everyone should acknowledge is the power of self-respect. Nobody is perfect. Failures and compromises are a big part of how we make ourselves complete. Accepting defeat and layering to deal with frustration is a life-long lesson. Letting go helps you go further.

Psychologists believe it’s difficult to change a self-loving mindset. The only thing that might work is to look inside and switch it up. There’s nothing wrong about self-loving, but there’s definitely a line where it becomes too much. Once the line’s crossed, there’s a big chance “narcissistic personality disorder” or NPD, will take place. It’s when one has inflated self-importance to a point where excessive attention is needed, while little empathy is left. This will only make it harder for other people to understand him/her. According to studies, 1% of the human population suffers from this disorder. Make sure your mental health is your priority. ❤



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