Did You Know? Your Dog Is Twinning With You

It’s fur real.

Experiments have been done to demonstrate. A group of scientists took photos of owners and their dogs one by one. And then the pictures would be shuffled. Finally, random people would be asked to do some matchmaking.

Participants identified them with 80 percent accuracy. Remember the first few scenes in “101 Dalmatians”? It’s legit. We see it, they know it.

But why? Well, it already happened when owners picked their dogs out. It was destiny.💘 Pets are companions. We want their company, and we want to share our lives with them. For that kind of intimacy, our brains fall for the mere-exposure effect. Which is a psychological phenomenon that develops a preference for things that we are more familiar with.

It’s not just which breed of dog. It turns out that owners pay attention to the tiniest details. One study found that women with long hair tend to pick dogs with drop ears 🐩, while women with short hair pick more dogs with prick ears.🐕

Studies have even run through personality tests between owners and their dogs. (We wonder how the dogs answered) But it turns out that even personal traits could match. Lazier dogs tend to have lazy owners; alphas matched with each other, you name it. Experts even boldly suggest that dogs can be more alike their owners than their significant others do.

If you’re wondering the same thing as we do, no. Cats DGAF what owners look like.

Besides explanations in psychology, there’s plenty of room left for other reasons why dogs and owners look alike. For example, one of the clues lies in how we pick our partners. We tend to choose those with similar qualities, people who have a lot in common with us for a relationship. That’s because subconsciously, we’d think our backgrounds and genes would make things perfect.

Another guess traces back to when humans first tried to domesticate dogs thousands of years ago. Through time, this human-dog relationship became reciprocating. We wanted dogs to play catch; they adapted to become hyper all the time and always ready to play. Dogs just evolved to even look like humans eventually.

However, the disclaimer here is these theories above cannot be proven yet. It’s just too difficult to make sure reasons for animal behavior. We don’t speak the same language after all.




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