Did You Know? You’ve Overdosed On Frenchfries

2 min readNov 9, 2020
Artwork by Incrediville

Take my money and just gimme the fries already. 💵

The Harvard School of Public Health @harvardchansph has pointed out that french fries are a health hazard. According to studies, you’re only supposed to have no more than 6️⃣ a day. SIX french fries ladies and gents. But maybe you’ll grow shiny yellow hair like 45 @coveringpotus does as he stated earlier. 🤦

Back to the point, the reasoning is potatoes are a carb. Deep-fried carbs give you that extra layer of fat, high calories, and acrylamide, which causes cancer. Yes, of course, there are plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t have too much. Besides the chances of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, death ☠️ is also on the list. Those who have fries 2–3 times a week will increase twice the death rate than those eating cooked potatoes within the same timeframe.

The @fda attempted to put some scary stuff 👻 on the french fry boxes 🍟 (just like cigarettes) to prevent this. Obviously, it failed due to how terrifying it may look. Plus, nobody can deny that starchy goodness. Everybody loves @mcdonalds french fries. Which is your fav? @fiveguys@innout

A couple of points to clarify — acrylamide SEEMS to cause cancer to humans, yet not 100% proven. The reason why acrylamide is harmful has only been proved on animals.

What we do want to stress out is that food science rarely makes a groundbreaking turnaround for us. Some argue French fries are a hazard; some don’t bother another order. You know?

There are some nutrients that we can get out of yummy fat food like fat and salt. The scenario would only be different if the studies started to show fat and salt were terrible. On the other hand, not everyone eats French fries the same way. Some may even be relying on them as the only food source while living an unhealthy lifestyle, thus causing higher death rates.

In a nutshell, be doubtful about unhealthy food. It really depends on how the ingredients weigh out. And also, nothing is really good for your body once you get too much of it. Studies are mostly estimations and close guesses. You just gotta eat your veggies and fruits. Pick up that salad now.




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